Viva Henderson!

Everyone should experience the bright lights and debauchery that Las Vegas provides, but after a couple of trips down to Sin City it would be nice to get in a night or two of all out partying while also getting in a better rounded vacation. And for that reason, we have the city of Henderson, Nevada.

What to do?

Sitting just south of Vegas and The Strip, and a quick jaunt West of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, Henderson is conveniently located so you can easily check out the sights of Nevada, relax on the water, and then blow off some steam on The Strip (among other things) come nightfall.

That isn’t to say that Henderson itself doesn’t play host to anything worth doing. Apart from being rated one of the 100 safest cities in America, the city is home to eight championship golf courses. Desert Willow claims to be the most challenging executive course in Southern Nevada, while The Legacy Golf Club gives you on-site access to PGA pros.

Continuing with outdoor activities, Henderson has been rated as the sixth best hiking city in America, offering numerous trails just a short drive away. Frenchman Mountain Summits, Lone Mountain, and The Potato Knoll are three of the most popular trails around Henderson, and all within 25 miles.

With all those calories burned on the golf course or hiking trail, cool off with a walk through the Artisan Booze District. The district is made up of several family-owned spirit manufacturers and the first of its kind in the region. Be sure to taste their craft beers and wines.

What to see?

Henderson is a fervent supporter of the arts, and all around town you can find sculptures, murals, and the like. The city also plays host to the Botanical Cactus Garden, which is the world’s largest cactus collection. Of course, there’s the aforementioned Hoover Dam located nearby on the Arizona-Nevada state line. Although if you’re looking for a trip back in time, be sure to check out the Mob Museum to learn about how the mob influenced Las Vegas over the years.

Keep your eyes peeled for the bronze statues littered throughout the city and the murals in the Water Street District.

Where to stay?

If you’re looking for all the offerings that the Las Vegas Strip provides without the hustle and bustle, the Fiesta Henderson Hotel and Casino is the place to hang your hat. The hotel includes four restaurants and three bars, along with a casino to try your hand with lady luck. What’s more, you don’t even have to leave your best friend, your dog, at home. The Fiesta welcomes pets, so feel free to bring along your partner in crime.

Henderson is perfect for those looking for a little bit of everything in a vacation — a round or two of golf, good food and drink, and maybe a hike or two for exercise. Great for the family or those looking to avoid staying in Vegas and blowing a month’s paycheck in a matter of hours.


Do as the natives do

– by Jake Schario

If you’re like me, you started learning a foreign language with an instructor who was not a native speaker of the language, or maybe they couldn’t even be considered bilingual. In high school I studied Spanish for four years, all from American teachers. Maybe they spent some time in Spain or Latin America and knew the grammar and vocabulary, but many of them lacked a certain something. What they lacked was the ability to identify with the culture, which in turn inhibited them from inciting more exploration into everything that the Spanish language encompasses.

However, once I was introduced to the De Paz family from Leon, Spain that changed completely. They exposed me to their food, their music, their culture, their way of life; and I was captivated. Soon after I found myself watching TV and movies in Spanish, listening to Spanish language music and even reading newspapers from Spanish speaking countries. A year later I began my undergraduate studies in Madrid, and from there made connections that took me to Africa after graduating. This single experience opened doors for me that I would have never found otherwise, bringing me into contact with worlds I never would have imagined. Eventually it led to further exploration outside of the US and Europe and discovering my passion.

Not many have the good fortune of interacting with native speakers of a language, and consequentially miss out on unlocking opportunities that they may not have known existed. Luckily, with technology and the world being as connected as ever, everyone has that opportunity. We can buy anything and have it on our doorstep within 24 hours and have a conversation with our families without even being on the same side of the globe. So why not use those tools to learn a language from a native teacher and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it?

Had I never met the De Paz family who knows where I’d be? Fortunately, I did. Fortunately, they shared their time with me and helped me improve my Spanish. Fortunately, they provided a turning point in my life that many others should be able to take advantage of.

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Problems of the priviledged, the Quarter Life Crisis

Generation-Y it seems has grown up in an age where every minute detail that veers off center is a disorder with a name and a prescription. As I approach my 25th year of existence, I have become familiar with the ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ through other blogs and articles I come across. And as my 25th birthday becomes closer, I see that the struggle is real.

Yet no one seems to ask what does it mean to go through such an ‘ordeal?’ After careful and introspective examination, I’ve concluded that if nothing else if one finds themselves in a Quarter Life Crisis it simply means that you have options.

While not actually uttering the term, I have had many conversations with friends and colleagues who seem to be suffering the same dilemma. They are asking themselves: Is this the career I want? Is this where I want to live? Should I go back to school? They ask themselves many other questions but essentially they all center around, ‘What the fuck do I want to do with my life?’

For the first time in our lives we are presented with choices yet are free of the structures that guide our decision making. In the background lies our family, school is completely out of the picture and our employer will simply start lining up our replacement should we turn to them for any sort of consultation.

Yet if you find yourself asking yourself these questions it entails many positives. Surely if you were not a qualified, educated, capable, resourceful and trustworthy member of society you would not be presented with enough options to overwhelm you as such.

Even though such a ‘crisis’ is indeed a positive, I think we all ask ourselves one question, ‘Can I just go back to college life?’